Panel Clean
Service Check

The famous Doc. Solar service check, is like a car service for your solar system. It exists to make sure you're getting the most from your system and that there aren't any faults that may be causing your system to perform poorly. Our 10 Step Service Check makes sure your panels are safe and working at full efficiency, ensuring they are generating as much electricity as possible.

Mold, dirt and grime that accumulates on your solar panels over time effects the efficiency and performance of your solar system. This is why our Panel Clean is popular with our many happy customers. You would be surprised at the amount of dirt encrusted, bird-pooped, moldy panels that we come across. Our panel clean uses a gentle cleaning solution that ensures your panels are polished to a mirror finish, with anti fungal weapons, that are gentle on panels and highly resistant to lichen, mold and moss.

Should your system not be functioning correctly, our Clean Energy Council qualifies, Master Electricians are here to make sure your system is safe and online.

Compliance Upgrade

As the solar rules are updated over the years, older systems fall outside of current compliance regulations. We can make sure your system is up to Australian Standards . This is mostly to ensure safety, rather than increase power output and efficiency


We offer ongoing maintenance services from the smallest to largest commercial solar installations.